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Hi, I’m Chris Chiotis! I’m here to show you, through my 14-year experience, exactly how you can improve, optimize, maintain or build from scratch the website for your business that works for you. I’m here to show you how it works and help you along the way.

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Get a weekly tip on managing the WordPress website for your business, plus an ebook to beter understand the principles of running a website and my resource list to achiever that by yourself. Information that only an insider would have.

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You started creating your business website and it looked awesome, for the first couple of months. Then you wanted some improvements some additions, not all things played well together, updates came in, you got hacked and have to go back to a 1 week old backup etc. All these sound familiar. I dealt all of these situations and helped business bulletproof and improve their website in any way possible. And it can be done really affordably! You can even do it yourself. That’s why I am here.

WordPress Coaching & Consulting

With my online courses and e-books I can help you walk in the right path with your WordPress website. Weather you haven't started with it, or you have already launched it. You will learn the best methods to manage it, maintain it and choosing the right tools to keep it secure, fast and top-notch.

WordPress Audit on Demand

Maybe you don't want to hassle with courses and reading and you need all this stuff implemented directly to your website. You can book an audit, where I personally review your current setup and send you a detailed report of what needs to be done and suggest you ways to do it.

Put your WordPress website on the right path


Let's Work Together!

If you’re ready to make a real investment in the growth of your website I would like to help you execute on your goals. To get started please visit my contact page

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